New construction and renovation

Apartment entrance doors

Wippro apartment entrance doors are perfect for both - new buildings and renovations. The Wippro apartment entrance door can be individually equipped, from digital peepholes to additional safety measures. A door limiter can offer even more protection.



Apartment entrance door
  • suitable for new constructions and renovations
  • in old buildings it is NOT necessary to remove the steel frame
  • standard thickness of wood: 5 cm
  • barrier of metal on both sides
  • hinges up to 200 kg
  • customized production at no extra charge



  • double sealing
  • floor sealing
  • protective fittings
  • door limiter
  • multipoint locking system (combination of hook and bolt)
  • cylinder with emergency function
  • peephole with 200° angle and cover


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Apartment entrance doors, new constructions or renovations – Questions and answers

The price of an apartment entrance door is determined by the desired model, surface, safety and fire protection as well as size and quality. The equipment also plays a role as the apartment entrance doors can be equipped with an analog or digital peephole or with a high-quality fingerprint system. You are welcome to send an inquiry and we will provide advice for your door project.


You do not have to remove the existing steel frame!

Wippro frames for renovations can be installed over existing steel frame systems. The existing frames do not have to be removed. This solution is optically and practically perfect.


The structure of Wippro apartment entrance doors corresponds to the Limited frame. The high-quality frame system enables a variety of surface designs such as colors and wood veneers including matching finishes that may be oiled, stained or RAL / NCS lacquered etc.



The levering out of the door is prevented by the installation of a hook-bolt locking system including secured hinges.



A security set with cylinder protection makes it very difficult for the burglar to open the lock.



Wippro apartment entrance doors can also be equipped with a high-quality fingerprint system. Even very traditional door models from Wippro can be upgraded with modern equippment.



The surface of all Wippro apartment door models can be designed differently. From RAL or NCS lacquered surfaces to real wood veneers or stone surfaces. Of course, the colors or finishes can be individually adjusted on the inside and outside.



Depending on the model, the door leaf is between 40 and 60 mm thick and has therefore different sound insulation properties. The double sealing layers and the sealing on the bottom increase the sound insulation considerably. If desired, glass cutouts can also be doubled which improves the insulation.



Depending on the requirements of your apartment entrance door, the door can be designed as a fire door and thus complies with the guidelines of the Ö-Norm or, upon request, also in the national / regional standards.



With the double sealing layers and the sealing on the bottom, the intrusion of cold air can be avoided. Depending on the model, the door leaf is between 40 and 60 mm thick and therefore has different thermal insulation properties



It is recommended to inform the responsible fitter to receive advice where you need to be particularly careful. This way accidents and damages can be avoided.



Wippro apartment entrance doors can be adapted to the size of your existing doors if it is technically feasible. If necessary, a feasibility check will be carried out.