Wippro Dachbodentreppen | Eurostep

Practical handling, high quality coating


30 min fire retardant
tested according to EN 1363, EN 1634

The advantages:

  • 39 cm high, welded miter frame as cladding
  • internal swivel mechanism
  • telescopic handrail
  • ball-bearing, lock-free mechanism
  • high quality surface coating
  • continuous adjustment to the room height with standard ladders
  • all-round fire protection
  • thermal insulation of 6 cm Heralan rock wool panel in the bottom cover
  • 36 cm wide and 12 cm deep steps

Dachbodentreppen | Deckel weiß pulverbeschichtet
Wippro Dachbodentreppe Eurostep Treppenstufen
Dachbodentreppen | 6 cm Dämmung im Unterdeckel