Wippro interior doors | Zitrin Q | structured oak dark CP515

CePal decors (CPL)

CePal surfaces

Wippro CePal (CPL) decors are scratch-resistant, need little maintenance and are very resistant even after frequent cleaning. The various decors are heat-resistant and shockproof. The robust melamine resin laminates on laminate boards are not only inexpensive surfaces but also very durable and can be combined in many ways. The high-quality production processes make the surfaces look very authentic. A great surface - convince yourself!


CePal decor

Versatile robust surfaces for Wippro Trend and Basic system

Beech exclusive longitudinally CP1
Beech exclusive longitudinally CP1 Merken
Maple CP7 longitudinally
Maple CP7 longitudinally Merken
White porous CP8 longitudinally
White porous CP8 longitudinally Merken
Grey opaque CP9
Grey opaque CP9 Merken
White opaque CP11
White opaque CP11 Merken
Oak CP15 longitudinally
Oak CP15 longitudinally Merken
Maple Arena CP17 longitudinally
Maple Arena CP17 longitudinally Merken
Maple Carbo CP19 longitudinally
Maple Carbo CP19 longitudinally Merken
Maple Nimba CP20 longitudinally Merken
Oak white structure CP21 longitudinally
Oak white structure CP21 longitudinally Merken
Wild oak CP22 longitudinally
Wild oak CP22 longitudinally Merken
White lacquered RAL 9016 CP23
White lacquered RAL 9016 CP23 Merken
White lacquered RAL 9010 CP24
White lacquered RAL 9010 CP24 Merken
Grey brushed CP25 longitudinally
Grey brushed CP25 longitudinally Merken
White brushed CP26 longitudinally
White brushed CP26 longitudinally Merken
Achat structure CP27 longitudinally
Achat structure CP27 longitudinally Merken
Perl structure CP28 longitudinally
Perl structure CP28 longitudinally Merken
Sand structure CP29 longitudinally
Sand structure CP29 longitudinally Merken
Cracked oak CP30 longitudinally
Cracked oak CP30 longitudinally Merken
Knotty oak CP 31 longitudinally
Knotty oak CP 31 longitudinally Merken
Maple CP32 longitudinally
Maple CP32 longitudinally Merken
Beech CP33 longitudinally
Beech CP33 longitudinally Merken
Oak CP15 horizontal
Oak CP15 horizontal Merken
Maple Arena CP17 horizontal
Maple Arena CP17 horizontal Merken
Maple Carbo CP19 horizontal
Maple Carbo CP19 horizontal Merken
Maple Nimba CP20 horizontal
Maple Nimba CP20 horizontal Merken
Wild oak CP22 horizontal
Wild oak CP22 horizontal Merken
Oak white structure CP21 horizontal
Oak white structure CP21 horizontal Merken
Grey brushed CP25 horizontal
Grey brushed CP25 horizontal Merken
White brushed CP26 horizontal
White brushed CP26 horizontal Merken
Achat CP27 horizontal
Achat CP27 horizontal Merken
Perl structure CP28 horizontal
Perl structure CP28 horizontal Merken
Authentic sand CP 29 horizontal
Authentic sand CP 29 horizontal Merken
Cracked oak CP30 horizontal
Cracked oak CP30 horizontal Merken