Create new space

Space-saving doors, sliding doors & sliding door boxes

Space-saving solutions as architectural challenges.
Many surfaces available (wood, RAL, NCS).
All space-saving doors can be combined with almost all interior door models or can be adapted to the door concept.

Sometimes opening a door conflicts with the available space. Sliding doors solve these problems. And whatever need there is, Wippro doors fulfill it. You can lock them, open along or in the wall, etc.


The Wippro door innovation

The Monoplan opens and closes floating. Due to the centered swivel frame only half as much space as with normal doors is needed and thus more possibilities are created in the room. Another special feature is that the Monoplan system is perfectly suitable for wheelchair users due to the opening option from both sides.


Wippro space-saving doors | Monoplan


The Wippro space miracle

The Duoplan brings new possibilities with a significantly smaller swivel space than a conventional door. With concealed door hinges, installation in existing frames or masonry is possible. Available without the frame on request.


Wippro space-saving doors | Duoplan


Technology developed by Wippro

The Triplan system of Wippro saves two thirds of the space on one side compared to a conventional door. The stable internal hinges make the Triplan easy to move. The Triplan doors are space-saving, can be perfectly adapted to the room concept and may also be installed in steel frames or masonry.

Wippro space-saving doors | Triplan

The answer to many questions of interior design - elegant and coherent.

The Wippro doors make it possible to save space where it seems to be impossible. Depending on the area of the space-saving door (see figures above) there are numerous options for redefining and dividing rooms. Of course, the entire door concept can be renewed and adapted. Depending on the door element they can be designed as the same model. We are happy to provide advice.



Wippro Zitrin G Monoplan space-saving door

Sliding door possibilities

Sliding doors made of brushed wood, oiled or naturally lacquered, satined glass or in Wippro glass. Adapted to the interior door concept individual solutions can be found - in the wall or along the wall, with or without a visible frame, flush with the wall or rebated. Sliding doors impress in any case.



Wippro Zitrin Q sliding door cracked oak

The established Wippro sliding door boxes - characterized by functionality and durability

The Wippro sliding door box enables an exclusive feeling. The experience when a high-quality wooden door leaf of a sliding door opens with a gentle stop in the wall is unique. It is not only a gain in living space but also creates many possibilities for architects. From the high-quality wooden sliding door to the RAL / NCS-lacquered sliding door leaf, the double sliding door of glass, with a visible or concealed frame. There are a lot of possibilities depending on customer requirements.



Wippro Kristall sliding door | sliding door box

Wippro space-saving and sliding doors

Modern living in Upper Austria

It is fascinating how Wippro space-saving doors can create additional room. Particularly when renovating there are many situations where only space-saving doors are possible. Sliding doors with sliding door boxes disappear in the wall and therefore do not require any additional space. Depending on the customer requirements, the sliding doors can also be instlalled along the wall. In the video you can see the details. All space-saving doors can be designed as double wing doors and in most cases they can be adapted to all interior doors. Space-saving doors can also be installed in steel frames without major modifications or as an additional option with glass.