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Technical documents and texts for tenders

Here, architects, interior designers and planners can find technical documents and tender texts for our front doors, interior doors, attic ladders, flat roof exits and other Wippro products.
They can be easily downloaded as PDF and the door of your dreams will be yours!

Front doors

Wippro front doors consist of multi-layer, waterproof, glued, wooden elements with thermal insulation which are reinforced with anti-warping panels of aluminum. A high-quality glaze is applied to the surface, which offers optimal UV light protection and weather resistance. With a RAL surface on a coated aluminum base, waterproof MDF surface for milling motifs, with wooden surfaces on the respective wooden structure. A fixed weatherstrip serves as additional protection against the weather. The thermal glazing consists of double or triple insulating glass (depending on your choice).
When double rebated, 2 high-quality silicone seals are built into the door leaf.




Multipurpose cabinets

Sliding door box