Steel cabinets

Multipurpose cabinet & office cabinet

Steel cabinets from Wippro: Can be used in workshops or offices for example.



Wippro multipurpose cabinets

Whether the cabinet is used in the office, in workshops or the garage, the galvanized or coated cabinets look great in every place. On the one hand due to the simple but precise design and on the other hand due to the interior that can be designed in the most flexible way. By using different inserts anything can be stored such as files, office supplies or cleaning materials.
For the use in workshops and garages, liquid-tight inserts make the cabinets also suitable for cleaning agents, chemicals, oils or other liquids.

  • Stable metal construction (not comparable to plastic models)
  • Powder-coated (white) or galvanized
  • Lockable including 2 keys
  • Hinges on the interior
  • Flush-mounted doors
  • Inserts are height-adjustable every 5 cm
  • Including 3 galvanized compartments and 1 galvanized liquid-tight tub
  • Fast self-assembly due to detailed installation instructions


  • 95x43,5x195 cm (W/D/H) in the galvanized option
  • 95x40x195 cm (W/D/H) in the white powder-coated version (fully assembled! Welded!)


  • Metal tray (for oils and other liquids)


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