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Wippro attic ladders

Wippro attic ladders: maximum comfort, optimal use of space
and the highest safety standards

The needs of our customers as well as constantly growing technical requirements are our motivation for the production of high quality attic ladders - for more than 60 years. You can rely 100% on the high quality standards of our attic ladder products including important quality criteria such as fire resistance or thermal insulation. Our attic ladders are continuously tested and certified by external institutes. 


Attic ladder dimensions

Dimensions of our attic ladder models

Here you can find all the relevant dimensions of our Wippro attic ladder models which should be taken into account when buying or installing.
Whether you are interested in the attic ladder model Eurostep, Isotec, Luxe, Isotec 200 or Klimatec 160 - we are happy to provide advice!
Each ladder can be manufactured in a special size!

You can find more information about our attic ladder models in our attic ladder brochure.




Attic ladders

Safe - step by step to the top


Quality attic ladders
from Austria

  • technically well thought through
  • purpose built
  • easy and practical to use
  • durable, robust and stable
  • safe and functional
  • fire-retardant and heat-insulating
  • almost maintenance-free


Attic ladders individually adjustable for every room height

  • solid accessories
  • airtight closure
  • many individual designs
  • telescopic handrail
  • ball-bearing locking mechanism
  • fully assembled
  • user friendly and easy installation

Correct installation of attic ladders

Installation instruction

Every attic ladder of Wippro comes with comprehensive installation instructions which should be used for the correct installation.
Important points, such as the insulation between the ceiling and the ladder, are listed here. This gap should be stuffed with rock wool but also the use of the optional airtight set is recommended by Wippro.



Wippro attic ladders

Technical specifications

Here you can find more information about the technical specifications of our Wippro attic ladders.
Each ladder can also be manufactured in a special size!

You can find the exact dimensions of our attic ladder models in our attic ladder brochure.


Isotec attic ladder

The durable Wippro ladders with thermally separated cladding and 10 cm insulation in the lower cover offers an optimal division from the warm living area to the cold attic.

Isotec 200 attic ladder

Perfect thermal insulation, especially on cold roofs - 20 cm insulation with an airtight seal

Klimatec 160 attic ladder

Passive house ladders for a perfectly insulated ceiling

"Kein Pfusch am Bau"

Wippro attic ladders at the Austrian TV show  "Kein Pfusch am Bau"

Our attic ladders were tested by Günther Nussbaum's "Kein Pfusch am Bau" which means doing a good job at the contstruction site. You can see the result in the video.

See also our attic ladder installation video.



Attic ladder user forum - questions and answers

The opening is usually 140 x 70 cm 130 x 70 cm and 120 x 70 cm.

The attic ladder models Isotec und Eurostep are also available in the sizes 120 x 60 cm and 110 x 70 cm. If technically possible, other sizes are also offered by Wippro.

Which is the perfect Wippro attic ladder?

Insulation plays an important role here. If the ceiling is not insulated it is of course not so important to insulate the ladders. But if it is a highly insulated ceiling such as for a passive house, insulation is particularly important!

In Germany, the insulation of the top floor is defined by the EnEV (Energy Saving Ordinance). A U-value of 0.24 W / m²K is required for new buildings. Old buildings should be renovated if they do not at least meet the thermal insulation of DIN 4108-2.

The choice of the attic ladder model depends on the required insulation. Whether you need a passive house certified Klimatec 160 attic ladder with 16 cm insulation in the lower cover or a practical Eurostep staircase with 6 cm insulation in the lower cover depends on the overall ceiling structure of your property. The 20 cm thick Isotec 200 is suitable for a highly insulated cold roof. Your Wippro attic ladder partner will help you to find the right ladder for your needs.

With the Wippro top cover you have additional insulation and protection against dust and dirt in the attic.

The electrical version must be ordered in advance and cannot be retrofitted.



Where do I get Wippro attic ladders?

Since 1955 we have been producing attic ladders at the headquarter Vorderweißenbach and have also expanded our sales network since then. We supply partners in the building materials industry worldwide. We would be happy to send your inquiry to a retail partner in your area. This way you have a specialist in your region and are competently advised.


How can attic ladders be measured in regard to heat permeability?

The "U-value" defines the heat permeability of the attic ladders, the lower this value the better - of course only if the ceiling also has the appropriate heat permeability.

Due to different possibilities of a U-value calculation a correct comparison is particularly important.

The Wippro attic ladders are tested by independent testing institutes according to ÖNORM EN 1363, ÖNORM EN 1634 and ÖNORM B3860.
Well-known institutes such as the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt or the TU in Graz confirm the Wippro quality.


How long does the attic ladder protect in the event of a fire?

Due to the fire protection regulation, attic ladders often have to be equipped with 30 min fire protection (standard for all Wippro attic ladders) or more, e.g. the Isotec 200 attic ladder is equipped with 60 min fire protection as standard.
Wippro attic ladders are ÜA certified and entered in the material list. This means that everybody can safely install and use certified products.


How much does a Wippro attic ladder cost?

The price of an attic ladder depends on many factors such as the size (standard or custom-made), ceiling thickness, room height, insulation thickness and additional options such as guard railing, airtight set, top cover insulated or not insulated and other options.

The Wippro brand is represented in many well-known DIY stores.

We would be happy to find the right partner for you. Simply complete your contact information and we will be happy to answer your request.
Here you can find a retailer.



How can I communicate the correct dimensions of my attic ladders?
Detailed dimensions of the attic ladders are listed in the Wippro attic ladder brochure.

How do I submit the perfect ladder dimensions that I can determine the correct ladder size?
If you send the completed ladder dimension sheet to us, we can determine which size is suitable.

Standard ladder sizes table
The standard sizes can be found in our attic ladder brochure on page 21 and directly in the models.

We are happy to help if you are not sure about the dimensions.

When does the attic ladder arrive?

Standard sizes are promptly available from Wippro and are also available at our partner retailers.
We are happy to keep you up to date with delivery information.


To find the perfect attic ladder for your project, the following questions are important:

  • Which opening is available?
  • How high is the room?
  • How high is the ceiling construction?
  • How much is the ceiling insulated?
  • What is the distance from the top of the ceiling incl. insulation to the roof truss?
  • How big is the swivel space for the stair to fold out?
  • Which ceiling construction is available?




What should be considered before installing Wippro attic ladders?

The construction site should have normal humidity and should no longer be too damp. Screed and plaster should be dried out in any case. All front doors and windows should also be installed. Excessive humidity can damage the attic ladders.

To connect the attic ladders airtight to the building, we recommend the Wippro airtight set. Thus, a neat connection is made very easily. The attic ladders guarantee the criteria of airtightness class 4 (tested by TU Graz) and the attic ladders are tight for a very long time.

The Wippro top cover is highly recommended. In addition to the improved insulation, it also acts as dust protection. Also, the ladder and living area are protected from unnecessary dirt when opened.

When renovating, the Wippro thermal cover can also be installed for all ladder types in order to achieve better thermal insulation. These can be produced for any ladder size and model.

We also recommend the Wippro guard railing. The risk of falling can be reduced by the protective railing around the exit and it is also a good support when using your attic ladders.

The electrical Wippro ladders must be ordered in advance, conventional models cannot be retrofitted. A remote control can also be ordered for electrical versions.


Closing with optimal pressure for long-term tightness


The bottom cover of an attic ladder must close perfectly, especially in winter when there are high temperature differences. For this reason, it is important that the bottom cover of the attic ladder closes with a certain amount of pressure in order to ensure that the ladder is tight. We therefore recommend using the opreating pole and pressing against the ceiling until the lid snaps in properly. This can be seen very well in the installation video. See also the locking function in the enclosed installation instructions.