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Interior doors

Wippro interior doors will last for a lifetime.
For personal living spaces Wippro interior doors offer added value and special interior designs.

Certainty for the customer - top quality interior doors
However the personal living style looks like: interior doors must be able to do more than just connect rooms. You should enjoy them for a lifetime because they are beautiful, function technically perfectly and mean added value for your own home. Our Wippro interior doors enable individual interior designs and concepts.

Which interior doors do you prefer?
From rustic interior doors of the Alpin Edition to high end design doors
with high quality materials such as wood, stone or glass.
Choose your preferred interior door model, interior door system or interior door surface
to find your dream door.

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Interior door trends

Interior doors white/oak

White interior doors can be combined in many ways
White interior doors can be combined with almost any other interior, unlike other surfaces.
Due to their simplicity and combinability white doors match many different furnishing styles and can become the visual highlight of your room due to their exclusive look.

Timeless elegance with white interior doors from Wippro!
White interior doors from Wippro are stylish, modern and trendy but also classy, timeless and create even more comfort in your home.
With white interior doors the width of your room is highlighted and your home appears to be larger and brighter.

Which version fits you best?
White looks elegant, is of high quality and can be implemented in a variety of designs.
Wippro offers white interior doors equipped with a high-quality foil surface, painted with RAL/NCS or with a solvent and heat-resistant Cepal coating. The high-quality surfaces meet great standards, they are robust, smudge-proof and easy to maintain.

Further door trends are interior doors made of old wood or real wood (e.g. oak). Doors flush with the wall or floor-to-ceiling interior doors are also very popular as an alternative.



Interior door rates

What are the costs of interior doors

Our interior door rates
The rates of our Wippro interior doors are primarily determined by the models, systems, surfaces and the high quality of Wippro.
Our Wippro interior doors are branded products characterized by elegant beauty and efficient functionality.

Individual information about our rates
We would be happy to inform you about the costs of our interior doors personally and non-binding. You can also use our inquiry form for precise information on the price of your desired interior door. Contact a Wippro partner in your area or arrange an appointment with one of our highly skilled employees!

Get a first impression of our interior doors
Moreover, you have the possibility of personal advice provided on site. Have a look at our products and find out more about the respective rates in one of our showrooms in Vorderweißenbach in Upper Austria, Vomp in Tyrol, Kirchheim near Munich, Graz or Vienna.
We are looking forward to your visit!

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Interior doors models, systems and surfaces

Interior door variety for your home.

Interior door user forum - Questions and answers

The rate of a interior door is primarily determined by the model, system, surface and quality. We would be happy to inform you about the costs of our interior doors personally and non-binding.

For more information on the price of your desired interior door you can use our inquiry form, visit one of our showrooms or arrange an appointment with a Wippro partner in your area.



The high quality interior doors are manufactured in the Wippro headquarter in Vorderweißenbach/Mühlviertel. This means that the frame consists of a multi-layer wood structure and is therefore extremely stable. Industrial productions are different as the frame is usually made of one chipboard only.

At Wippro the door is also available in the high quality multi-layer wood "Limited" or „F-Dekor“ with tubular chipboard and reinforced solid wood frame. Therefore, the interior doors are extremely homogeneous and offer both - sound insulation and protection against warping.



On our website you can find a great variety of interior door models, interior door systems and interior door surfaces. You can easily place your desired interior doors on the wish list and make a non-binding online inquiry. We offer the best price for the chosen door through our retail partners.

You are also welcome to visit one of our showrooms and convince yourself of the high quality and variety of Wippro interior doors.


The hardware components of a door which is used several times a day for years is as important as the structure of the frame and door leaf. These include the hinges, the lock and the striking plate. In this case Wippro relies on products from well-known manufacturers such as Simonswerk and GEGE, which have proven their high quality for decades. For example, Wippro uses 3-part hinges as standard for its rebated doors which are extremely stable and designed for heavy usage.

For interior doors flush with the frame Wippro uses covered Simonswerk TECTUS hinges. These are also extremely robust and can be adjusted 3-dimensionally for a perfect appearance and smooth opening and closing.


What makes the Wippro frames so special? The two parts of the frame are composed of the two longitudinal parts sideways and the upper part. Conventional industrial frames are delivered disassembled, are packed in cardboard boxes and can be installed later on site. Therefore, it is important to connect the miters carefully in order to avoid gaps. These may be visible particularly on white or light-colored wooden surfaces and should be avoided.

In addition, the installation requires appropriate skills, time and special tools. At Wippro the carpenters at the headquarter manage this for you. All parts of the wood frame are already assembled and precisely prefabricated. Finally, the already assembled parts of the frame are painted.
Wippro frames offer the best quality in terms of structure, appearance and time. Therefore, costs can be saved during the installation.

Our interior door surfaces are diverse, sophisticated and durable.
For the surfaces Wippro uses lacquers and coatings that meet today's requirements. Depending on the selected surface there are differences in the respective structure. The surfaces of real wood veneer can be structured fine or coarsely, smoothly polished or brushed.

To refine the surface of our interior doors, matt, satin or high-gloss lacquers can be used. Also, oiled and stained surfaces are possible and influence the resistance to scratches and dirt.


At Wippro, the veneers are compiledindividually and by hand. This is a huge advantage over industrial manufacturing. All interior doors are veneered from a tree trunk and have the same characteristics such as grain and color. In addition, we can respond to your needs in regard to design by sorting manually.



Due to the trend of retro in living, white doors are again increasingly demanded. The importance of white for furniture, and therefore also for doors, is constantly increasing. Due to the neutrality and versatility of the color, white doors fit perfectly into our fast-moving and constantly changing times and are likely to remain in vogue for a long time.



The door leaf edges of our Wippro interior doors are made of solid wood. The edge of the door leaf is the area which is most strained. This is why solid wood is the perfect material. In contrast to conventional industrial products the door leaf edge at Wippro is not only veneered but actually made of the same solid wood as the door surface.



The Wippro doors and frames are assembled, sealed and delivered directly from the factory in Vorderweißenbach/Mühlviertel to the construction site. The installation of your interior door will then be done professionally by our teams or partner companies.

We are happy to take care of the disposal of the existing doors and thus make the transition to your new home easier.


White doors can be combined in many ways and fit almost any interior or floor. They bring lightness into a room, are stylish, classic and timeless.
For example, natural colors and white harmonise very nicely with eachother. A natural wood floor, for example oak parquet, fits perfectly with the stylish white doors of Wippro.



Traditionally, doors are made of solid wood. However, this material has one disadvantage which is that it can easily warp due to changing temperature or moisture - as a result doors can no longer be closed properly.
A CPL layer can help here. CPL stands for “Continuous Pressure Laminate” and is a laminate that is manufactured by continuously pressing several layers of paper with hardening melamine resin or phenolic resin through the use of heat. The more individual papers are used, the harder the CPL becomes.

Therefore, CPL doors are extremely resilient. They are more resistant against scratches and impacts than doors with other surfaces. In addition, CPL is smudge-proof, solvent- and heat resistant and therefore easy to maintain. Another advantage is that these surfaces are both color- and lightfast which means that they do not darken - so you will enjoy white CPL doors for a long time.


We would be happy to help you choose the right interior door. Our experienced staff is glad to be available for information about doors and frame systems from Wippro. Depending on the design and installation requirements, the perfect product for your home will be found together.

Wood structure, stone or a smooth colored surface?
Wippro offers a huge selection of surfaces. You can also choose from a variety of materials. In addition to real wood surfaces and adjustments with veneer to existing doors or furniture, special materials such as old wood, stone or ceramics are available. Moreover, we paint surfaces according to the RAL oder NCS color code or coat our door leaves and frames with foils on request.

No matter if it's a modern house built by an architect, a villa or a rustic house. Every architectural style requires a different furnishing style and therefore also a corresponding design of the interior doors. At Wippro you will always find the right solution. Doors in a classic style, architectural and smooth floor to ceiling doors, as well as timeless doors with millings can be found in the range of products. The design is completed by the matching door handle and the desired door hinge.



Various interior door systems exist at Wippro. It is differenciated between how the door leaf closes with the frame, the frame with the wall and whether the frame is visibly installed.

The door leaf can be "rebated“ or flush with the frame. Wippro offers further possibilities with its systems SLIM und FLAT. With the SLIM frame system, the frame is installed flush with the wall by using an invisible frame. In the FLAT system the frame completely disappears and the door leaf becomes almost a unit with the wall.

All doors should be flush in the hall. But what if the door should open to the interior of the room?
Even here Wippro offers a perfect solution with its “IN” frames. With the special frame systems of the Limited-IN, SLIM-IN and FLAT-IN series it is possible to make it flush with the frame and wall on the exterior or hall.

Interior doors with glass are both - practical and decorative. Choose between various types of glass, sizes and frames. Also, all-glass doors or partial glass doors can be supplied by Wippro as revolving-, swing- or sliding doors.

Use an interior door from Wippro! We also manufacture space-saving systems such as sliding doors or folding-sliding doors available in almost all possible surfaces and materials. Sliding doors can be installed along the wall or in the wall by using a special sliding door box.



Wippro doors and frames can be used in new buildings as well as in existing buildings and renovations. The conditions for installation are suitable openings depending on the door system. In addition, the walls must be vertical and the thickness of the wall should be made evenly.

Furthermore, a screed or foundation is required. Ideally the floors and tiles are laid, the painting work is completed and the premises are dry.
Existing metal frames or wooden frames can be fitted with new door leaves after assessment. Wippro also has the option of encasing existing frames with special cladding frames.

Please note that the Wippro SLIM und FLAT frame systems which are flush with the wall are mainly suitable for new buildings. Also, larger openings in the wall should be considered during planning.

On our website you can find a wide variety of selected interior door models, interior door systems and interior door surfaces - some are also available in white. You can place your desired white interior doors on the wish list and make a non-binding online request. We offer the best price for your selected door through our partner retailers. You are also welcome to convince yourself of the high quality Wippro interior doors in our showrooms and select a white interior door personally.



Of course, Wippro also manufactures under- or oversized doors. Especially in houses that were built before 1974 a hight of approximately 194 cm was standard. Wippro would also be happy to adapt your new interior doors to these special requirements and equip existing wall openings with your selected door.

We also take care of the measurement in order to make sure that everything fits during the installation! Your Wippro partner will check the situation and requirements on site which may require a special solution.


The price of an interior door from Wippro depends on the model, surface, system und quality. Since our white interior doors are available in different versions and surfaces, the price varies.

We would be happy to inform you in person and non-binding about our interior door rates. For more information on your desired interior door please use our inquiry form, visit one of our showrooms, find a Wippro partner in your area or arrange a personal appointment.

Depending on the surface, white doors from Wippro are robust and easy to maintain. Our CePal doors, like most other doors, can be easily cleaned with warm water and a little bit of detergent. In order to avoid streaks, wipe them with a dry cloth afterwards.

Since painted doors have a very smooth surface, they can usually be easily cleaned with warm water or microfiber cloths. Please be careful with glass cleaners, solvent-based cleaners or alcohol.



At Wippro we offer different options and models of white doors - depending on your preferences and requirements. As an example, we offer white interior doors with a robust CePal-(CPL) surface that can be brushed white, open porous or opaque. We also use RAL/NCS-painted doors for a silk matt finish. For high quality and heavy exposure we also offer doors with a foil surface, also available in white.



The width of your room is emphasized by using white doors. The color white intensifies the light, makes small things appear bigger and therefore, enlarges your room optically. Thus, white doors are ideal for optically enlarging and brightening small rooms.