Wippro interior doors | Maranit milling F-Dekor white

Robust surfaces


Robust and strong foils that have been tested for years for high quality and durable products. These surfaces require little maintenance and can be selected in F-Decor white or a large selection of authentic wood reproductions with a smooth or structured feel - produced in the Wippro headquarter in Vorderweißenbach.

Depending on the door model numerous possibilities can be realized.



Durable robust foils (veneer longitudinally)

Nut FD1
Nut FD1 Merken
Wenge FD3
Wenge FD3 Merken
White FD5
White FD5 Merken
Leather light FD10
Leather light FD10 Merken
Leather dark FD11
Leather dark FD11 Merken
Inox FD12
Inox FD12 Merken
Mother of pearl FD13
Mother of pearl FD13 Merken
Oak whitewashed FD 14
Oak whitewashed FD 14 Merken
Oak vital FD15
Oak vital FD15 Merken
Antique oak brushed FD16
Antique oak brushed FD16 Merken
Maple FD 17
Maple FD 17 Merken
Knotty oak brushed FD18
Knotty oak brushed FD18 Merken
Cracked oak brown FD26
Cracked oak brown FD26 Merken
Cracked oak grey FD27
Cracked oak grey FD27 Merken
Spruce brushed FD29
Spruce brushed FD29 Merken