Innovative attic ladders - safe and comfortable


All standard sizes 30 minutes fire-retardant
EI2 30 according to ÖNORM 3860, EN 1634-1, EN1363-1 model Isotec fire-resistant up to 120 minutes against surcharge.
Heat transfer coefficient in the lower cover: U = 0,33 W/m2K
(calculated) by TU Graz No. B12.137.001.484
Heat transfer coefficient with heat insulated top cover: U = 0,21 W/m2K
calculated by TU Graz Nr. B12.137.001.484
Air tightness class 4
tested according to DIN EN 12114 by the IFT Rosenheim according to test report No. 12-001746-PR03


      The advantages at a glance Isotec:

      • 42 cm (~16.5 in) thermally separated hatch panel, also higher possible
      • 10 cm multi-layered stone woll insulation in the bottom cover
      • 2 high-quality sealing layers
      • spring-supported telescopic handrail
      • ball-bearing, spring-supported, wear-free closing mechanism
      • studded treads with a size of 36 cm (≈14.2 inches) width x 12 cm (≈4.7 inches)
      • high-quality powder-coated surface
      • Infiditely variable adjustment to the room height
      • recessed rotary hinges
      • Step load up to 250 kg


      Promptly available in the following standard sizes:

      Hatch dimension | External dimensions of the box (LxWxH) | Standard room height with adjustment range

      140,0 x 70,0 cm | 136,7 x 66,4 x 42,0 cm | 255,0-275,0 cm | 3-piece stair package
      130,0 x 70,0 cm | 126,7 x 66,4 x 42,0 cm | 255,0-275,0 cm | 3-piece stair package
      120,0 x 70,0 cm | 119,0 x 66,4 x 42,0 cm | 250,0-265,0 cm | 3-piece stair package
      120,0 x 60,0 cm | 119,0 x 58,1 x 42,0 cm | 250,0-265,0 cm | 3-piece stair package
      110,0 x 70,0 cm | 106,7 x 66,4 x 42,0 cm | 250,0-265,0 cm | 4-piece stair package

      Special sizes are possible on request!

      With their stepless adjustment to the room height, they allow you to use your attic comfortably and easily.

      A particular advantage of our attic stairs is that they can also be installed in the ceiling panelling.
      This means that the staircase can also be installed with a suspended ceiling.

      The top cover, which can be opened automatically or manually, can be retrofitted at any time and can be opened either to the side or to the rear in the manual version. It serves both as additional insulation and as dust protection.

      Hatch cover measuring 42 cm is available, optionally in higher sizes as well! Featuring a ball-bearing locking system and an internal pivot mechanism, along with a telescopic handrail, it provides smooth, user-friendly, and secure operation of the attic access. The top step is located within the casing, allowing for easy exit onto the attic floor.

      The Isotec under cover is equipped with a 10 cm thick insulation made of mineral wool. The thermal insulation ensures that no heat is lost through the stairs, thus preventing unwanted energy losses. This allows you to improve the energy efficiency of your home and save on heating costs.

      Preassembled - no tedious assembly required on the construction site!
      Please make sure to follow the enclosed installation accessories and assembly instructions carefully!