Comfort and safety without compromise

Wippro flat roof exit

Ideal for any flat roof. Maintenance work on flat roofs or solar panels can be carried out quickly.
Wippro flat roof exits are the perfect solution for your home - can be freely combined with the Wippro attic ladder models Klimatec 160, Eurostep and all Isotec models.
The ready-to-install Wippro flat roof exit comfortably leads to the roof and offers a high degree of safety and many other advantages:



  • EASY ADJUSTMENT to the room height (also over 3.20 m)
  • Thermal protection due to thermal insulation in the lower cover and in the galvanized upper cover
  • Multiple seperated hatchcover frame according to requirements on site
  • Installation in ceiling as well as special sizes possible
  • High quality special seal
  • Available in stainless steel
  • Little space required
  • Including operating pole and accessories for installation
  • Electrically possible
  • 12 cm thermal insulation in the galvanized top cover

The perfect ladder for your flat roof exit

Wippro flat roof exits are available in combination with different attic ladder models. The heat transition coefficient depends on the thermal insulation of the selected ladder type:

Klimatec 160: thermal insulation in the bottom cover 16 cm
Isotec models: thermal insulation in the bottom cover 10 – 20 cm
Eurostep: thermal insulation in the bottom cover 6 cm

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Flat roof exit user forum - Questions and answers

The price of a flat roof exit depends on the size, the material and the Wippro ladder model. If only the cover is required, it is of course also possible with fixed ladders or similar solutions.

The Wippro partner in your area will process your request and advise you on the optimal connection to your flat roof.



There are multiple reasons for considering a flat roof exit when planning a house. The simple and safe access to the flat roof enables a quick view on the roof technology. No matter if there are solar panels, reception technology, for cleaning roof windows, skylights or to simply get to the green terrace on the roof - the Wippro flat roof exit makes it possible.

The quick access to the flat roof opens up new possibilities and completely new perspectives, such as with green roofs.

Flat roofs that are difficult to access are easily accessible through the flat roof exit. It is possible to get outside from the living area, it saves space and is very practical to use. In the long term a flat roof exit from Wippro is always worthwhile so you should definitely consider it.


The connection to the flat roof and the correct insulation is made on site. Your flat roof partner will help you. Please take the enclosed data sheet into account. We are happy to offer you technical assistance and advice.



For the flat roof exit the cover must be fitted first. We recommend that you take standard dimensions into account. After the screed has dried and plastering work has been carried out, the ladders can be installed. A technical data sheet is included and shows how it should be done. The connection is done on site by the Wippro partner. The attic ladders should only be installed after the plaster and screed have dried.



Depending on the required thermal insulation, various Wippro attic ladder models can be used for flat roof exits. From the practical Eurostep with 6 cm insulation to the passive house ladder Klimatec 160, all ladder models can be integrated depending on the construction of the existing building or the flat roof.



The galvanized top cover has a 12 cm insulation. In addition, depending on the Wippro attic ladder model, insulation of the lower cover is 6 to 20 cm.



The standard version of the Wippro flat roof exits is made of high-quality galvanized steel. Depending on customer requirements, the flat roof exit can also be made of stainless steel. If the stairs are also used outside, the entire staircase can be galvanized.