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Wippro door designs

Side panel 1

Side panels "ST1" are rectangular (high); designed with glazing or panelling.



ST1 | Design 1 (AV1)Merken
ST1 | Design 2-A (AV2-A)Merken
ST1 | Design 2-B (AV2-B)Merken

Side panel 3

Side panels "ST3" are rectangular (high) and only possible for the option AV3; flush with the frame on the outside.



ST3 | Design version 3 (AV3)Merken
ST3 | 2 side parts design version 3 (AV3)Merken

Side panel design

The "STM" side panel designs are adapted to the front door model. Whether glazing or panelling is used is determined by the front door model or can be adapted according to customer requirements.



STM | KimbalitMerken
STM | AkkordMerken
STM | KappaMerken
STM | Kappa design version 1 (AV1)Merken
STM | Glimmer design version 1 (AV1)Merken

4 possible options for door frames and leaves

Wippro offers four options of door frames and leaves and therefore makes many designs possible. Door frames and leaves usually have a thickness of 70 mm or 100 mm.
With the four possible options all aesthetic and architectural requirements can be met.

Should the door frames and leaves be flush on the exterior and interior (see fig. IBAB) or should the frame and the front door look as slim as possible (see fig. Standard)? Wippro experts are happy to explain the advantages of the different options which can be tailored to the structural requirements.



Frame and leaf thickness 70 mm, rebated

ISAB designMerken

Frame 70 mm / leaf thickness of 100 mm, standard inside (rebated), flush

Standard 100Merken

Frame and leaf thickness of 100 mm, rebated

IBAB designMerken

Frame and leaf thickness of 100 mm, flush