Variety for your home.

Wippro front door surfaces

Wide choice
For our customers we have a wide variety of surfaces when choosing their desired front door. Browse through our diverse range of surfaces and find the perfect one for your desired front door!

Our front door surfaces
At Wippro we offer front doors made of wood, enamelled glass, with old wood, exterior or stone surfaces or lacquered in RAL/NCS.
It is also possible to give your front door a personal touch with individual printing or glass cutouts.



Family business for many generations
As an Austrian family business we have been producing custom-made doors and high-quality attic ladders since 1955.
There is no such thing as impossible! We search for solutions together and implement them in the best way possible.

Wippro quality
Our front doors are quality products with high quality surfaces! Our own quality control and external experts ensure that our doors always meet current quality standards.