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Wippro front doors and exterior doors

Wippro front door quality
Front doors produced and delivered by Wippro are strictly controlled. This is ensured by our own quality control and external experts.

Your advantages: technical consultation and professional planning by experienced specialists, determination of the dimensions, front door production as individual optical and technical solutions, wide selection of front doors for new buildings and renovations, professional installation, high quality craftsmanship, made in Austria,
trendy selection of front doors for first timers.


Wippro front doors from Austria

Variety for your home.

Individual quality front doors from Austria

Wippro front doors are manufactured by using the latest technologies. Thus, it is possible to adapt the high-quality surface of the exterior to the color of the facade while the inside of the door is oriented on the interior design. Subtle millings, stainless steel applications, noble glazing, individual design elements or even cladding with visually interesting
materials such as stone, steel, ceramic or concrete are available for the front door of your dreams. As well as door systems with side panels or fanlights.

Certified front doors from Wippro
A Wippro front door with CE label shows that it complies with the EU directives and is suitable for the free movement of goods in Europe. The authorization to identify the
Wippro front door with this CE label is based on an ongoing production control carried out by Wippro and the confirmation of a notified test center.

Certainty for the customer
The product features of the front doors labelled by Wippro range from wind load resistance, water tightness, thermal insulation to air permeability and go far beyond the standard requirements. This means that special sizes and constructions with CE labelling are possible.



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Weather-resistant, durable and safe

Not only a weather-resistant surface, weatherproof handles and fittings are important for the front door but also burglary protection is crucial. Priority is given to safe locks, security cylinders with security card and multipoint locking systems. We offer different levels of burglary protection. This is also included in the construction of a front door. It should be free of distortion, well insulated and durable.


Good insulation pays off

The standard size of a front door is around 2 m² which means that the loss of energy in a poorly insulated entrance door is large. Many manufacturers promise good insulation due to the thickness of a front door. However, caution is important when installing a front door. Due to the climate from the living area and the outdoor area there may be large differences in temperature and humidity. In winter the temperature difference can be more than 30 ° Celsius and 50% humidity. It is important to produce the door thermally separated to minimize warping of the door leaf and frame. This can prevent possible leaks and problems with the locking mechanism.

Wippro produces the front doors in a so called "sandwich construction". This is where multi-layer wood is combined with insulated boards. Solid wood and an Aluphenol plate, which can be painted or covered, make the door even more stable. All-round seals and a thermally separated threshold seal the front door.


The perfect surface

There is a wide variety of front door surfaces. An important aspect is the alignment and location of the front door. If the front door is not exposed to the weather also the maintenance is not so intense. However, if the front door is exposed to the weather, surfaces such as a glass support or exterior surface are highly recommended. A canopy or porch additionally protects the front door.


My finger is always with me!

Who does not know this situation? The key is somewhere in the car, in your handbag or in one of the many pockets. The wind blows and it rains. Having to look for the key is annoying after a long day. This does not happen with a fingerprint.

You touch the sensor surface and unlock the door. So you can get into the house quickly and the door is safely locked. The fingerprint system is often used in houses where the door of the garage is nearby. E.g. you can unlock the front door with the index finger and open the garage door with the thumb.
With a new app, the access authorization can be managed and access can also be granted for certain periods to different people.

The front door - the architectual flagship

The front door is often seen as the showcase of a house. Thus, the design of the entrance door should also match the rest of the house. Wippro offers a wide variety of surfaces and materials. Almost every Wippro front door model can be configured in almost any Wippro surface. Side panels, fanlights or double-wing options are also possible with almost every model. Wippro would be happy to create an offer for your specific needs. We are looking forward to your request.


Wippro front doors

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